A Letter From Sheriff Chad Bianco

For nearly 30 years I have worked for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department with one goal in mind;  protect this community while keeping ALL of its residents safe.

In 2018, residents of Riverside County elected me to address the issues facing the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.  The department budget was a mess, deputies were leaving the department because they had little support from the previous administration, and relationships with municipal police agencies and other county law enforcement partners were in shambles.

During my first term as Sheriff, we were presented with new challenges that we met head-on.  Rather than sit back during a time of civil unrest and a worldwide pandemic, we led the nation in our response to both.

  • I stood up to the politicians in Sacramento who tried to release violent prisoners early
  • I set an example for the state with our response to combating Covid-19 in our jails
  • I balanced the Sheriff’s Department Budget while adding hundreds of deputies to protect our county
  • I have worked to provide a more open, transparent agency to bridge the trust between the Sheriff’s Department and the community

My work as Sheriff is just getting started.  Our department is facing new challenges because of laws and mandates coming from Sacramento that are causing a dramatic increase in crime.

I’m asking for your support as we continue toward our goal of making Riverside County the best and safest place in the country to live, work, and raise our kids.

– Sheriff Chad Bianco

About Chad Bianco

I was born in 1967 at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah. I grew up in a very small mining town, the oldest of three boys. Both of my parents worked extremely hard to provide the best they could for us while teaching us that hard work and integrity are the cornerstones of success. I learned that respect as a person, father, employee, and leader is something you earn, based on your actions, morals, and integrity.

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