RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA —┬áCAL FIRE Local 2881 has endorsed Chad Bianco for County Sheriff in Riverside County. CAL FIRE is the largest fire department in California and the third largest fire department in the United States.

“We appreciate that Chad’s top priority is community protection which includes law enforcement, fire and first responder medical services in Riverside County,” said Cliff Allen, President of CAL FIRE Local 2881. “Like Chad, we understand that the first priority is effective and operationally viable public safety. We hope our endorsement of his candidacy will assist him and we look forward to working with Chad in the future.”

The endorsement is notable as CAL FIRE Local 2881 represents over 6,000 front line firefighters throughout California and will be working closely with the Riverside County Sheriff to maintain community safety.

Lt. Sheriff Chad Bianco came in first during the June Statewide Primary Election with 36.29% of the vote.