Protecting Our School Children

If there is one government function that we can all agree is a top priority, it is protecting our school children. Sheriff Chad Bianco believes that School Resource Officers are vital to the safety of our children in our schools. School Resource Officers provide many benefits to our schools such as; intervention resources, protecting children against school violence, and shielding our children from predators and drugs.

Expand Community Policing Policy

The best way to stop crime is to prevent crime before it happens. Sheriff Chad Bianco strongly believes that the Deputies who live in our community and protect our streets should have a strong bond with their community giving Deputies the ability to recognize and react proactively. Sheriff Bianco instituted a community policing policy that makes the Sheriff’s Department and its Deputies an integral connected piece of the community and he will continue to expand it over the next term.

Oppose Efforts to Release Violent Criminals Early

Sheriff Chad Bianco has been at the forefront of opposing efforts to reduce sentences for violent criminals in the name of “Reform.” Predictably, because of soft-on-crime policies like this, California is experiencing record increases in criminal activity across the board. Sheriff Bianco will continue to stand up for the law-abiding citizens and work to ensure criminals are held accountable.

Ending the Homelessness Crisis

The Homelessness Crisis was created by politicians and law enforcement is left to deal with it firsthand. Sheriff Bianco is proactive in dealing with those in need by expanding the resources of the Department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) with the ultimate goal of ending homeless encampments in our county.

Gang Enforcement

Sheriff Bianco is committed to vigorously policing and prosecuting gang members, especially those who commit violent crimes. He is also working hard through the Riverside Gang Task Force to provide early intervention to help prevent “at-risk” youth from being caught up in criminal gang activities.