As Sheriff, my priorities will be to keep you safe in your neighborhoods, schools and places of work and to make sure your tax dollars are not wasted and that every penny the department spends is justified.


The sheriff’s department should be about service and safety, not politics. The incumbent mismanaged tax dollars and allowed our citizens to suffer under higher crime rates. It is time for a change at the top and I am the candidate who can bring that change.

I’ll start by repairing the relationship between the Sheriff and our deputies and will work to bring the entire public safety community in Riverside County together to make our county a safe place to live and work once again.

Under my leadership, the Sheriff’s Department will be focused on community oriented policing and a proactive approach to crime reduction.

We have some of the finest, most highly trained and professional law enforcement officers in the country working right here in Riverside County. What we lack is leadership and direction from our Sheriff.  It’s time to put public safety first. It’s time for a change.


I will repair the broken relationship with our Board of Supervisors and promise them a transparent budget process with real and honest budget needs and goals.   We must work together to solve our budget shortfalls while ensuring our public safety is not short changed.  I understand the demands that law enforcement puts on our county budget and will work to ensure that we operate a lean and efficient department free of wasteful spending.


I will modernize our policing strategies to include a proactive approach utilizing the proven philosophy of Community Oriented Policing.  I understand that the best way to solve our quality of life issues is to work hand in hand with the community to identify these issues and address them before they become real problems.  I will ensure that our staffing is constantly monitored and adjusted so that patrol staffing levels are kept at acceptable levels throughout our county.  Additionally, I will strive for an open and transparent dialog with our communities to build a much needed relationship of trust.


I am a firm believer in our Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights.  I believe the only thing that can protect the First Amendment is the Second.  I also believe it has two distinct parts: the right to keep, and the right to bear.  Although California is a “may” issue state, my position aligns more with “shall.”  I believe that every person who desires a concealed weapons permit, otherwise not prevented by law or psychological concern, should be granted a permit.

Currently it takes approximately two years to obtain a concealed carry permit under the direction of our current Sheriff.  I believe that is a tool to dissuade people from even applying.  I believe that a right delayed is a right denied.  I will strive to provide the county with the services they demand.

PROP 47, 57, and AB109

As the Sheriff of one of the largest agencies in the state, I will take a very active political stance against these laws that have seriously hindered law enforcements ability to fight crime and protect our residents.  I will work with our other elected officials to do everything possible at repealing these horrible laws, and securing an increase in state funding for corrections.


I am strongly opposed to the sanctuary state law that restricts law enforcements ability to communicate and cooperate with our federal law enforcement partners.  This law puts politics ahead of public safety.  I will do everything I can to work with federal partners to ensure that undocumented criminal offenders are not released into our communities, while working with our states politicians to fix this broken law.